Episode 24: The Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee?


Hello Free Market Lovers. Welcome to episode 24 of AnarchoInc, the podcast talking business and technology in the truly free market. I am your host Jay, reporting to you from my homestead bunker out in the live free or die state of New Hampshire. AnarchoInc is your home for Buds, Brews, Beans, and Bitcoin. AnarchoInc is the owner of AnarchoCBD.com (Buds), AnarchoBeer.com (Brews – coming soon), AnarchoCoffee.com (Beans) and all these businesses supports and believes in the power of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

On today’s episode, I will be talking to Logan from the Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee. I get into the who, what, where, why and how Logan. But before we get into the interview thoughts about today’s podcast,

  1. Today’s podcast is not really about business and or technology but more around politics, specifically identity politics.
  2. I went into this interview knowing nothing about the Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee and still came out scratching my head.
  3. All around my mind is still scrambled by how in the weeds we get with identity politics and need to stop fighting among ourselves and start fighting the state. The right-wing, left-wing, same fucking bird and we all know that birds aren’t real.
  4. The AnarchoInc podcast and it’s affiliated do not endorse any one individual, group or party.

With that said, I hope you enjoy today’s interview.

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