Episode 18: Behind the Scenes of Felony Friday with John Odermatt

Hello Free Market Lovers. Welcome to another episode of AnarchoInc, the podcast talking business and technology in the truly free market. AnarchoInc is your home for Buds, Brews, Beans, and Bitcoin. AnarchoInc is the owner of AnarchoCBD.com (Buds), AnarchoBeer.com (Brews – coming soon), AnarchoCoffee.com (Beans) and all these businesses supports and believes in the power of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

On today’s episode, I will be talking to John Odermatt from Lions of Liberty. John, otherwise known as Odie, developed an interest in politics and economics at a young age. In 2007, John’s eyes were opened when a fellow contributor to the Lions of Liberty website, Marc Clair, introduced him to a unique Republican, Congressman Ron Paul. Ever since then, a significant amount of his free time has been dedicated to reading and studying the ideals of liberty. When John is not defending liberty, he earns a living working in Project Controls for an engineering company. John is the host and producer of “Felony Friday” on the Lions of Liberty Podcast, which takes a deep look at the problems within the criminal justice system.

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Episode John mentioned on the show: https://lionsofliberty.com/2019/03/08/technology-and-entrepreneurship-level-the-legal-playing-field/

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