Episode 1: The Beginning

Hello Free Market Lovers. I am your host Jay and welcome to the very first episode of Anarcho-Inc the premier podcast talking business and technology in the truly free market. We’ll look at the free market, grey market and black-market business and technologies in the past, present and, future.

On today’s podcast will be talking about Anarcho-Inc. The who, what, where, why and how.

I thought it would only make sense to give you some background into the idea of Anarcho-Incorporated as the very first podcast. Laying out an in-depth view of my vision for this podcast and think tank.

But before we begin, I would like to start the podcast off with a quote from Milton Friedman.

“The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit. “

With that said I hope you benefit from this podcast.

So, Who Is AnarchoInc?

AnarchoInc is just me, your host Jay. My background has been in web design, web development, and digital marketing. And I have been doing that for the past ten years. But as of lately, I have had this desire to go into business for myself.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart but early on in my career I quickly fell for the easy money working as a corporate drone for several companies over the years. Although feeling like a corporate drone, I did find success in my career, working for such places like GoDaddy. But still, over the years, the corporate grind of the 9 to 5 beats you done.

Today, I still work the 9 to 5 as a director of the web at a venture capital firm by day and by night I work as an entrepreneur working on several business ideas to see what sticks. My hope is over time, that one of my ideas will stick and be a success to set me on my way to financial freedom and work for myself.

Now that I’ve answered The Who about AnarchoInc let’s get into the what.

But first, a word from our sponsors:

Visit AnarchoCoffee.com to get yourself some Self-Governed Caffeine. The coffee for the AnarchoCapitalist, Agorist, Libertarian, Minarchist, and Voluntaryist. That’s AnarchoCoffee.com

So, what is AnarchoInc?

AnarchoInc is one of my latest side-hustles, it’s this podcast and more.

Let’s start with the podcast and then I will get into the more.

The AnarchoInc podcast is where I plan to discuss business and technology impacting the truly free market. What do I mean by the truly free market? I want to talk about real businesses and technologies that are making a social impact on the ideas of liberty, freedom, and peace.

Besides that, I hope to have guests on the show to talk about their true free market business and or ideas making a social impact in the world of liberty.

Now that I have answered the idea for this podcast let’s get it the more part of AnarchoInc.

I also see AnarchoInc as my umbrella think tank for all my other business ideas and or for other individuals who want to join in the think tank to help spread the message of liberty, freedom, and peace through Anarcho-Capitalism, Agorism, Libertarianism, Minarchism, and Voluntarism.

In addition to AnarchoInc, I currently own and operate AnarchoCoffee, the retail coffee sponsor, you heard at the beginning of the show – a shameless plug – I know, I also run FindMyFreelance.com – a job board and resume builder for the gig economy, were I run affiliate marketing campaigns for some extra income.

On top of that, I sometimes do freelance work as a web designer and developer at JayCaetano.com. – All while trying to maintain a full-time job and family. Not easy, but who said becoming a millionaire would be easy.

So, Why AnarchoInc?

As a side-hustler entrepreneur, I am on a journey to turn my side-hustles into a 100% full-time lifestyle. I would love to be something of a digital nomad. I know working for myself won’t be easy, but the reward is much higher than the risk.

Other reasons I started AnarchoInc:

I believe there is a culture shift happening in America and I want to see a place for my children to grow up in that is filled with free thinkers and not just some mindless robots – #NPC.

Some people find the name of my companies disturbing like AnarchoInc or AnarchoCoffee but frankly, I just don’t give a shit – I making a statement in hopes to spread the ideas of Anarcho-Capitalism, Agorism, Libertarianism, Minarchism, and Voluntarism.

You see some people think the word Anarchy evokes evil, communism or chaos but it’s far from that.

Anarchism is often mistaken for left-wing thinking or to invoke chaos. It is neither. If anything, the libertarian strain in anarchism makes it closer to the right. Anarchism is an umbrella term covering social and political theories – The logical outcome is to call for the peaceful overthrow of all political systems and or secession, a movement like the Free State Project.

You see real; Anarchists believe that human beings are perfectly capable of rational self-government. In the Utopia of anarchism, individuals choose to voluntary interact with one another in a free market society pursued through life, liberty, and property.

Rules are adopted by agreement of all citizens through direct participation.

A world with rules, not rulers.

Anarchoinc is to help promote this very idea.

So, where is AnarchoInc?

Everywhere and anywhere – This is the digital economy, so you can find me online at anarchoinc.com and you find the podcast on your favorite podcast services like iTunes, Google play, stitcher and more.

And last but least How is AnarchoInc built?

Anarcho-Incorporated is built using WordPress, Audacity, and a little blood sweat and tears.

I like to end the show with what I like to call AnarchoAdvice and today’s AnarchoAdvice is going check out the book Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard.

That’s it for today folks, join me next time for another episode of AnarchoInc.